Newborn Care Specialist, Infant Nanny, Sleep Consultant

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I’m Angie

I grew up on a farm in Iowa. Because of my interest in medicine, I became certified as a nursing assistant right out of High School. Eventually, I moved to Salt Lake City. Here I worked at several hospitals including Primary Children’s Medical Center. At this hospital, I developed my passion for children. This passion and love for children multiplied when I left medicine to become a nanny.

I have cared for children of all ages, ranging from newborns to teenagers. I am especially passionate, however, about caring for newborns. I know that bringing a newborn home, whether it is your first or fourth, can be a very stressful and sensitive time for a family. I can give you the guidance in caring for your little one so that you feel comfortable and confident as you move forward in your journey as a parent.

I strive to continually further my education and remain up to date on all current “best practices” and recommendations in the infant care industry. In addition to working long hours, 24-hour shifts, overnights, and continuous care; I love working within diverse family structures which make me a great fit for many households. In my thirteen years of experience, I have worked for doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and high profile clientele.

Angie Pannkuk

Want to see how I can help YOU be the best mama you can be, positively submerged in skillful support?