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Less than 12 weeks

I am passionate about Sleep Conditioning newborns 0-12 weeks. Sleep Conditioning is a gentle, natural way of following a newborn’s development closely to get them sleeping 10-12 hours a night progressively throughout the second and third months of life. Angie’s babies learn healthy habits from the start that prevent the need for sleep training.

I will come into your home (9p-7a, 10p-7a, 11p-7a) on the nights of your choosing. I will take over complete care to get them sleeping through the night. I will be monitoring your baby throughout the night and maintaining a nightly log sheet tracking your baby’s nightly events. We will also work together to create a daytime/nighttime schedule for the baby that fits comfortably with the lifestyle of the family. You will be implementing an eat/awake/sleep schedule to ensure healthy sleep habits, which is vitally important for the health and happiness of your baby.

As your newborn care specialist, I want to show you how to keep sleep a top priority in your home even with a newborn around. Good sleepers are made, not born. Because infants quickly adapt to the patterns we set for them, parents should create healthy sleep habits as early as possible (day one). It’s not your job to make your babies sleep. Your job is to create an environment conducive to sleep, then patiently allow it to happen. Let me show you how to do this.

Don’t sacrifice your sleep.